Our diversified program offers our artisans the opportunity to develop their personal and professional autonomy. All the workshops offered allow artisans to explore the universe of creativity, to define themselves as an artist and to assume an active citizen role in our society.

Embroidery craft workshop

Every day, artisans are encouraged to develop and improve their embroidery skills. During the periods set aside for embroidery, both new and more experienced artisans continue to familiarize themselves with various embroidery techniques.

Supervised accompaniment of a new craftsman

A candidate who begins his probationary period is accompanied by a fellow artisan in the execution of the embroidery. This approach gives an experienced artisan the opportunity to consolidate his professional experience and pass on his knowledge to a newly arrived colleague. This accompaniment can last a few months.


The sewing instructor supervises and plans the tasks surrounding the finishing touches of embroideries. Artisans must do hand sewing (lining application), crocheted belt loops, and cut and shape the pieces of burlap. The team will choose users who display the skills required to produce work that meets our quality standards. Each trainee participates in an annual evaluation of his work in sewing.