In-house internships

From the outset, l’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane was founded with the idea of helping its users develop their autonomy and a sense of responsibilities. To this end, participants are given daily tasks they learn to do in their personal life as well.

Within the group, some artisans are taught to carry out certain tasks such as buying cleaning and consumer products. Others are responsible for housework, such as dusting furniture, dishwashing, setting up the table for group diners.

Other users are assigned to kitchen and toilet cleaning, waste sorting, garbage collection, vacuuming and plant care. Participants accomplish these tasks in accordance with a monthly rota.

External internships

We also offer our artisans the possibility to generalize the learning acquired at the workshop. Together with external partners, our association has organized practicums outside l’Atelier for interested users. These practicums are geared towards acquiring specific skills: autonomy, responsibility, taking initiatives; they also foster social integration and encourage work commitment. The selected participants take part in these practicums one or two afternoons per week in their respective work placement location.