Artistic creation workshop

Workshops of artistic expression offer free rein to creativity. Painting, collage, charcoal drawing and many others open the door to the creation of exceptional, colorful and diversified works. It is under various themes, sometimes suggested by the artisans or proposed by the managers of the workshops, that suddenly arise magnificent works.

L’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane wants to stimulate and sustain the interest of its artisans in art and culture. In that spirit, it invites speakers from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to facilitate art workshops at the association.  L’Atelier also organizes trips to museums and and cultural venues. Exchanges are initiated following these visits to encourage the creativity of artisans in the production of drawings and embroidery.

Relationship and emotions management workshop

Periodically, a workshop on emotion management is offered to the artisans. They are encouraged to take part voluntarily in this activity, by sharing situations they experience in their daily lives. Led by the Special Education instructor, this is a unique moment for the artisans that help them find ways to solve conflicts they might encounter in their personal life or at the Atelier.

This workshop, proposed once a week, allows the participants to recognize and to identify their feelings to manage them better and so favor harmonious relations with their colleagues, friends, family and educators.

Special projects

Users who follow the programme offered at l’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane are given the opportunity to take part in some special projects. Amongst the suggested activities: hand-made carts, knitted scarves, and flower-making. Other punctual projects such as embroidery for jute bags, dolls and Christmas stocking are also offered to artisans.

Sports activities

One of the main values ​​of Atelier le Fil d’Ariane is the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits. We promote the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet and, at the same time, we encourage them to exercise. To achieve this goal, we work closely with Mc Gill University. For several years, artisans have been participating in a program of physical activities personalized and supervised by the students of the department of kinesiology of this university. The physical activity program, which has been in place for more than two decades, is spread over a ten week period.