L’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane wants to stimulate and sustain the interest of its artisans in art and culture. In that spirit, it invites speakers from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to facilitate art workshops at the association. L’Atelier also organizes trips to museums and temporary exhibitions, as well as to cultural venues and interpretative centres so that our artisans can draw creative inspiration for their drawings and embroideries.


Admission Criteria  Activities schedule

Painting workshop

The painting workshop is a privileged moment for the participants, when they can give free rein to their imagination. We use a set of images with a common theme and a few sketches to stir inspiration and creativity. Artisans will learn a number of techniques. Some will prefer thin lines, others bolder ones. Some may enjoy pastels and others, still, the sponge. Gradually, every artist finds his or her own way and develops a personal painting style that fits their personality.


The sewing instructor supervises and plans the tasks surrounding the finishing touches of embroideries. Artisans must do hand sewing (lining application), crocheted belt loops, and cut and shape the pieces of burlap. The team will choose users who display the skills required to produce work that meets our quality standards. Trainees are assessed once a year.

Special Projects

Users who follow the programme offered at l’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane are given the opportunity to take part in some special projects. Amongst the suggested activities: hand-made carts, embroidery stitch, and flower-making. They can also experiment with drawing and embroidery on small jute bags, design and make dolls or Christmas stockings. Knitting is also part of the projects, which enables some woman artisans to knit warm or light scarves.