Madame Louise Gervais

Louise Gervais is the kind of person who makes you believe, by her courage and her perseverance, that anything is possible. Thanks to her vision and her determination, she was able to make possible things that many people thought were impossible.

With her endless energy, this visionary worked tirelessly to help young adults with a mental disability express their feelings through art. Where many people abandoned, she fought even harder for the recognition of the artistic potential of these people considered as vulnerable.

Her passion for the arts and her insight helped to deconstruct prejudices and to convince even the most sceptical that the creativity of the people with mental disabilities had no boundaries.

This lady with exceptional qualities still continues today with the same enthusiasm her work towards the mission of the Atelier le Fil d’Ariane.

Like a lighthouse guiding the boats, Louise Gervais, with passion, makes sure that the art of embroidery stays alive. Her dedication makes us believe in a better world, a world in which every person, no matter its differences, could be recognized as a person in its own right.

For all of her work and for her unswerving dedication, we want to humbly tell to this great lady, Thank you, Louise Gervais!