Montreal, 30 September 2015

Further to the death of Mrs. Louise Cimon-Annett on July 13 two thousand fifteen, the members of the board, managing director, members of the staff and all the artists of Atelier le Fil d’Ariane wish to pay tribute to this lady who, by her implication, expertise and originality, largely contributed to the integration of adults living with an intellectual disability into our society.

It is with an unwavering determination that Madam Cimon-Annett dedicated several years of her professional life to the mission of Atelier le Fil d’Ariane. For several years, she paved the way in the artistic recognition of young adults living outside the society by offering them an exceptional opportunity to express their vision of the world by creating magnificent embroidery of art.

Pioneer and visionary, Madam Cimon-Annett contributed to the recognition of the artistic potential of numerous people living with an intellectual disability. Thanks to her contribution, Atelier le Fil d’Ariane opened the doors of the inclusion by recognition, respect and integration of people living with a difference.

Like a bird who takes off, during numerous years Mrs. Cimon-Annett suggested each one to take their place in the creativity universe, where the possibilities and the imagination have no limit …

Thank you Madam Louise Cimon-Annett