For the past forty years, l’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane has lived up to these values by carrying out its mission with determination and perseverance.


Through their involvement, the President and members of the Board of Directors greatly contribute to l’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane’s reputation. Year after year, its members play an active role in fostering the well-being of our artisans, the acknowledgment of their artistic potential and their involvement in the community.
Our organization is proud of what is has achieved. As such, it strives to continuously grow in order to maintain the quality of the services it offers. We periodically review our activities program to adapt it to the needs of our current clientele.


Members of the 2017 Board of Directors::

Jean-Pierre Belhumeur, President
Louise Gervais, Vice-President
Hélène Bussières, Administrator and Secretary
Maria Meguerditch, Treasurer
Pierre Dallaire, Administrator