A world of pride through self-expression

Since its creation in 1971, Atelier le Fil d’Ariane has enabled hundreds of people living with intellectual limitations to discover a new and accessible world. By participating in the Atelier le Fil d’Ariane’s adapted program, all these people have been able to discover their artistic potential and achieve personal fulfillment in many aspects of daily life.


Various social and cultural activities are organized to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. Regular visits to museums, exhibitions and certain businesses are organized as a development program.


Our mission and goals

Our establishment offers a dynamic environment that, through a humanistic approach, promotes the development of autonomy as well as the social and professional skills of the artisans through the creation of art embroidery. Our organization is committed to offering a stimulating work environment that seeks to adapt to the intellectual and creative intellectual and creative potential of each artisan.

The Atelier le Fil d'Ariane inc. allows, through activities of expression through art, to sensitize the public to the artistic possibilities of people living with an intellectual disability or an autism spectrum disorder. Expression through art also allows our artisans to develop their creative potential, to participate in the artistic life while perpetuating a traditional craft.

In 1971, Louise Cimon-Annett and Louise Gervais founded the Atelier le Fil d'Ariane. They wanted to offer adults with an intellectual adults with an intellectual disability a rewarding occupation. A a goal in life. A possibility of partial financial support, creating for them a unique a unique place in society through their artistic contribution.