Four members make up the work team : A Director General, sewing instructor, specialized educator and administrative officer.  Team members continuously seek to upgrade their skills.  This ensures that they use the most suitable professional approach towards their clientele.


Through a partnership agreement with the Montreal School Board, a specialized educator of the Centre des ressources éducatives et pédagogiques (Educational and Teaching Resources Centre) joined our team.  Two days a week, she facilitates verbalization and artistic creation workshops for the artisans.


The Director General
Gaétan Gagné has been holding the position of Director General since January 2013.  With more than twenty years of solid experience working with a diversified clientele, Gaétan Gagné worked as a specialized educator for six years at L’Atelier le Fil d’Ariane.  A graduate from Université Laval in organizational management, Mr Gagné continues with pride and determination to work with the Atelier’s artisans.

Administrative officer
Alina Stirbei has been holding the position of administrative officer since joining the team in 2010.  Alina studied accounting at the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Specialized educator
In June 2013, we expanded our team to welcome Stéphanie Palgen, who holds the position of specialized educator.  Stéphanie ensures that information exchange takes place on a day to day basis to keep artisan’s files up-to-date.  The specialized educator also carries out an assessment of new applicants and facilitates painting and relationship management workshops.

Sewing and embroidery instructor
Anouk Kouri has held this position since January 2008.  She is responsible for the finishing touches of all embroideries.  A  fashion design  graduate,  Anouk supervises a group of artisans who sew the linings, an important step to finishing an embroidery.  Since August 2014, Anouk has also been overseeing the embroidery work schedules and guides the artisans in their embroidery learning techniques.